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Desktop vs. Laptop: Which Is Best For Gaming?

May 5th, 2016

desk vs lap

When you are shopping for a gaming computer, deciding between a desktop and a laptop is one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make. In a comparison of desktop vs. laptop, it is crucial that you decide which benefits and features are consistent with what your gaming needs are. The truth of the matter is that each one of them has its pros and cons which you must evaluate keenly so that you can be able to make a well informed decision as to which one to go for.

When it comes to gaming, it is needless to say that a large PC will be much faster compared to a small one. Those quicker chips not only require more power but also generate more heat not to forget that they have more transistors as well which demand more space. Unknown to most people, a gaming laptop can actually outrun a desktop that is equally expensive. Despite this, most gamers face serious struggles when they are trying to make a decision on which one of the two to choose. It is no secret that a laptop is slower than a desktop but there is so much more to consider beyond this.

Processor Performance

When it comes to video game performance, modern computer processors don’t really count as a limiting factor any more. Some important mechanics such as artificial intelligence and physics engine usually run on CPU but they place a trivial load on the hardware when compared to the 3D graphics. While you might think that there is a great difference in processor performance between a desktop and a laptop, the truth of the matter is that these two are very similar. Nevertheless, desktop processors are a little quicker compared to their laptop peers but not with a massive victory as such.

Graphics Performance

Gaming laptops usually face great challenges when trying to handle those high end graphic chips. Compared to Intel processor, they tend to consume a lot of power and a beefy system is needed to cool them off and ensure that they stay operational. It is no wonder gaming laptops are heavier and larger compared to the standard laptop models for normal use. Gaming laptops trail their gaming desktop peers when it comes to graphics performance and this is something that you will not want to overlook when deciding on exactly which one to buy.

Practical Performance

Real game performance is crucial and when it comes to the practical performance of these machines, laptops have proved to be much more capable than their desktop counterparts. So, as a serious gamer, you can always rest assured that the laptop will give you a much smoother experience when compared to the desktop. So, despite the fact that most gamers out there usually prefer desktop for their gaming needs, the truth of the matter is that the laptop offers a much better experience.

Upgrade Options

There are significant differences between laptops and desktops when it comes to how you can upgrade them to make them better suited for your gaming needs. With the desktop, you can remove every component in it and replace it with new hardware to make it the best gaming machine you would ever wish to own. Upgrading a laptop comes with numerous limitations as far as upgrading them is concerned and this is why the desktop is usually regarded as the better option.

Finally, laptops that are specifically built for gaming are much more expensive compared to desktops and from this perspective, the desktop is the better gaming system that you should own.